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  • “Grif” Direction-Finding and RES Signals Technical Analysis Station


    - automatic search, detection, determination of bearing and coordinates of the radio sources (when operating in a mated pair), technical analysis of ground and aerial VHF/UHF fixed-frequency and frequency-hopping (with up to 1000 hops-per-second rate in 30 MHz band) radio emissions;
    - reception and decoding of “Mode S” aerial platform identification signals, display of trajectories of aerial platforms emitting “Mode S” signals;
    The main capabilities:
    - Search, detection and direction-finding of new RES within the assigned parts of the 30-3000 MHz frequency band.
    - Measurement of parameters of the detected RES signals.

  • “Pechora-2BM” S-125-2BM Upgraded Air Defense Missile System (ADMS)

    S 125 2

    “Pechora-2BM” S-125-2BM upgraded air defense missile system with 5V27D air defense guided missile is a mobile upgraded air defense missile system intended for destroying manned and unmanned air attack weapons at short and average ranges, on head-on, lead-collision and pursuit courses, flying at low, medium and high altitudes, in low and high interference signaling environment within the system engagement areas.
    ADMS can be used for destroying ground (surface) radar-contrast targets.

  • “ROSA-Е” low-flying target detection radar system


    “Rosa” is designed for automatic detection and tracking of low-altitude aerial platforms and output of track information to an automated control system.
    - from 1 to 5 autonomous low-altitude target detection radar sets (LARS);
    - remote control system;
    - SPTA set.

  • Air Defense Equipment

  • Electronic warfare means

  • Radars and altimeters of different purpose

  • Short-,medium and long-range air-defense missile systems

  • Signal intelligence complex “Cuirasse-U”


    Complex “Cuirasse-U” is designed for:
    searching for, detecting, direction finding, measuring the parameters of signals, determining the type and identity of airborne radio assets;
    determining the coordinates of the platforms carrying the detected radio assets, during the use of the complex from several (not less than 3) conjugate stations “Cuirasse-U”.
    In the process of operation, each “Cuirasse-U” station resolves the following basic missions:
    - detecting signals of radiating airborne radio assets (RA) within the working frequency range at up to 450 km distances;
    - measuring the frequency and time parameters of the detected signals;
    - analyzing the measured signal parameters and identifying those by comparing the measured parameters with the data stored in the memory;
    - determining the Hull number and barometric height in the process of tracking aerial targets, based on decoding the transponder signals;

  • Итоги прошедшей 8-ой Международной выставки вооружения и военной техники «MILEX – 2017»

    С 20 по 22 мая 2017 года в Минске проходила 8-я Международная выставка вооружения и военной техники «MILEX – 2017».

    Всего по приглашению Госкомвоенпрома выставку посетили 47 официальных делегаций из 30 стран мира.
    Среди них: Азербайджанская Республика, Республика Ангола, Китайская Народная Республика, Республика Казахстан, Объединенные Арабские Эмираты, Исламская Республика Пакистан, Российская Федерация, Республика Судан и др.

  • Модернизация боевой машины 9А33БМ2 до уровня 9А33-1Б


    Mодернизация боевых машин 9А33БМ2 из состава ЗРК9К33 проводится с целью продления срока их эксплуатации, улучшения ТТХ, путем перевода аппаратуры на современную элементную базу.

    Все вновь поставляемые узлы, блоки из состава монтажного комплекта имеют ресурс 10 000 часов.

    Все поставляемое для модернизации имущество проходит полный цикл заводских испытаний в объеме, определяемом соответствующими военными стандартами, действующими в Республике Беларусь, включая испытания на надежность.